2 Websites or Blog Platforms That You Can Monetize Using the Shopify Buy Button

Are you a blogger seeking a way to monetize your blog? If so, adding a Shopify buy button is a recommendable idea. This button enables you to sell your products or services without requiring a customer to visit your online store. This way, you save time. Also, you avoid losing a potential customer. As you know, online visitors do not have a whole day to spend on your website. Their goal is finding a solution for their problem within a short duration. Some want a shortcut to purchase a product. Hence, a Shopify buy button is an effective way of shortening the purchase process for such customers and enabling your blog to become a revenue source. However, it is not compatible with every blog building platform. Here are some of the best platform you can add a buy button and monetize your blog:


When you talk about blogging, another person thinks you are speaking about WordPress. This website builder is the leading home of bloggers. Anyone looking on to owning a standing out and SEO friendly blog, WordPress becomes the first consideration. However, it would be a bad idea when you have a top-ranking blog that does not add a coin in your wallet. The good news is you can add a Shopify button on your WordPress blog. This button will enable your customers to purchase your products as they continue enjoying your content. So, do not let your blog stay idle, turn it into a cash generator by adding a buy button from Shopify.


The next website builder that allows you to establish a well-designed blog is Squarespace. Upon building your website or blog, the next thing you need is to earn a return from it. For long offering advertising space was a good idea. But with technologies like Google shopping which enable you to rank on the top positions in the search engines, ads a no longer profitable. Also, Squarespace does not support e-commerce. Fortunately, this should no longer scare you. With Shopify buy button you have an opportunity to transform your website or blog into an e-commerce store. Hence, it eliminates the hassles of starting from scratch. You have a chance to utilize the already build audience to earn a living.

In a word, with a WordPress or a Squarespace blog, you can transform it into an online store. This aspect is possible through adding a Shopify Buy button.

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